Thursday, July 2, 2009

Beautiful Michigan: Wedgwood Park in Grandville

Last month, I took Frances on a photo shoot to one of these gorgeous local parks we have around here--Wedgwood Park in Grandville. It is a photographer's dream, because it has babbling brooks and stones and ducks and looks just like the sort of thing they put on backdrops used in photo studios. The park is tucked away off Wilson Avenue, next to the Middle School.
Here is Frances, checking out all the ducks. I tried to get her to feed them, but every time I handed her piece of hot dog bun, she ate it herself, instead of feeding it to the ducks.
I just thought this would make an interesting picture, so I took it.
We will just have to label this one the "uncooperative subject." I had the perfect natural backdrop for the picture, only Frances was not in the mood to be set down, poor child.

She enjoied the playground equipment more than she did the photo shoot...

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