Saturday, July 4, 2009

Fourth of July: Fireworks and Bug Bites

We are spending most of the weekend at our cottage, though I have to be back in GR tomorrow morning because I'm ushering at church. (I get my internet access at the Gun Lake Grind, a fabulous little coffee house thats walking distance from the cottage--even in the country, we have our trappings of the city...) To celebrate Frances's first fourth of July as an American (I hesitate to call her an American Citizen just yet, as we are waiting for her N600 to be processed... we mailed the form, with the $425 and the stack of birth certificates, marriage certificate and adoption decree) to Detroit a few monhts back, but it seems as if the current processing times on that document run about 18 months... does this mean we can't get a passport until the N600 is processed? Anyone have any ideas? (Adoptive Parents: Did any of you obtain a passport for your child before getting the Citizenship Certificate? If yes, did both parents travel to China, or just one? Its all so unclear--the only thing that is clear is that the Detroit Field Office is slower than Christmas!) Anyway, it was Frances's first July 4th in America, and we will call her an "American" for the moment. We went to watch the fireworks being set off over the lake from the island in the State Park.
We went out a bit earlier than we should have, and the bugs just love devouring Frances, the poor thing. So as we sat on the ground waiting for the fireworks to start, in addition to long pants and a long-sleeved shirt, we tried to protect Frances from the bugs by putting a hooded blanket on her little head, but she didn't tolerate that for long. Before long, she was free, as she wants to be, and the mosquitos were having a free-for-all, feasting on her soft flesh.
She liked waving the American flags.

You can see quite clearly here, the bug bites that began popping up on the back of her neck. We didn't see these nearly as clearly, because it was dark at night, and the flash on my camera is what illuminated these nasty little bug bites in shocking detail... note, they don't look nearly so nasty in the light of day...
And here is the poor child's feasted-on forehead. Does anyone know if its okay to treat babies with Deet? We've been hesitant to dose her with chemicals, but at the same time, I think she gives off so much heat that she's irresistable to the bugs. Poor thing. Again, these bites don't look nearly as bad in the light of day.
I also need to point out, that her ladyship was not terribly impressed by the fireworks. She watched at first, but was far more interested in climbing on Daddy than she was in wathing the show. My only explanation for her complacency is that perhaps spending her first nine months in China--where they invented fireworks, where most fireworks are manufactured--during the time when the Olympics were taking place, maybe she got to see a lot of fireworks so she's nonplussed by them? I don't know. She got bored, and I thought the show was quite good, especially with the economy being what it is.
During the fireworks, I started trying to take the perfect picture of the fireworks going off, with the lake reflecting the colors back... I eventually gave up and put the camera away and decided to just enjoy the fireworks.
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Nina said...

Poor Frances, too bad she's so sweet!! :)

G's Momma said...

Form or not, she's an American for sure! I feel for her on those mosquito bites, poor baby.

Anonymous said...

Cool blog. You obviously love your daughter very much. Vocabulary note: you talk about her being nonplussed by fireworks. Not sure that word works there, considering its definition. Sorry- I'm a word maven.

Many blessings to you and your family.