Friday, September 18, 2009

Its been a while...

Life has gotten busy again, and its been a while since I've written anything. September 2 was the anniversary of the day we first saw pictures of Frances, and when we look at her now, and see how much she has changed from the little girl we brought home in November, its just amazing. She talks quite a bit...Daa-doe is "hello," I am called "Nay-Nah" and Suzanne is Mama. The cats are called "ba-ba." She says "jeesh" for cheese, and "muh" for milk and "woof" for dog. The car is "car-car" which is sometimes hard to distinguish from "cracker" and she has a little pewter Jesus doll she likes, and sometimes she'll as for "Jesus" and I'll think she wants cheese. The quilted blanket she was given by the orphanage has gotten the nickname "soothy" and she says "soojie" quite clearly whenever she wants it. She loves books, especially Goodnight Moon, Curious George and Clifford, and she also loves sitting in my lap, watching music videos on you tube. She especially loves the Chinese re-make of Ozone's Numa Numa song. She's still very attached to it, and its always a challenge to get it away and wash it. She seems to be picking up about five new words a week, and she's getting better with people's names, and recognizing people in pictures.
In terms of her health, she seems to be doing fairly well. We did get a referral to a local pediatric ENT specialist, and she is now on Flonase, which is a relief for us because we were afraid they would want to put tubes in her ears. She seems to have some seasonal allergies emerging, as fall settles in, though at the moment the weather is mild. All in all, we've had a very mild summer, and I hope that mild weather trend will continue into the winter, because our last two winters have been record-breaking.
I have been looking into having this blog made into a book... do any of the other bloggers have experiences with the various services available for that? I want to preserve this for her, but for privacy's sake, I'm not sure I want all this available online.
Anyway, thats the news. We hope you're all doing well.
Above, we have a nice picture of Franny I took one afternoon last month at Lookout Park in Grand Rapids. Below, you'll see three pictures taken on the pier at Ferrysburg. I had gone with the intention of walking the pier at Grand Haven, but it was closed due to strong winds, so I drove to Ferrysburg, and we walked down that pier instead.

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