Monday, August 3, 2009

Weekend at the cottage...

Here are some pics I took during the weekend, when we were at our cottage.
These two pictures are a bit experimental, I but kind of like them. It was Saturday afternoon and we were leaving for mass. Though I'm not Roman Catholic, I sort of like being able to go to church on Saturday afternoons, because it leaves us every excuse, then, to sleep in on Sunday mornings. Anyway, the picture is a bit unorthodox, but so what? Its not always easy to get all three of us in a picture, but if there is a mirror, there is always a way to do it.

Don't let the stained glass fool you, these pictures were actually taken in what used to be a bar. After mass, we went to have dinner at Sam's Joint, which is where these pictures were taken. Sam's Joint Restaurant is in what used to be known as the Aero Tavern, and the place is full of stained glass windows and lots of taxidermied animals. It has a lot of local flavor. All of the Sam's Joints have a lot of local flavor. Anyway, I liked the stained glass window and thought it would make a good picture, but Frances was feeling insecure, and thus, she wasn't best pleased to be sat down on a table and have her daddy walk away from her. Oh well.
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