Saturday, October 24, 2009

Beautiful Michigan: Autumn in the Upper Peninsula

We had the most gorgeous color last weekend as we drove through the U.P. I took these pictures along the road up to Whitefish Point and Taquammenon Falls, while Grandpa told me where to drive. This is what most of the Upper Peninsula looks like--little two-lane roads going through miles of forests and wilderness, and tiny little towns.

We lucked out and got to see some absolutely gorgeous color... it just went on for miles and miles and miles of beautiful reds and yellows and oranges and browns, with the greens of the pine trees mixed in. The area is very isolated, sparsely populated, and absolutely gorgeous.



I took this picture in Paradise, near Whitefish Point. I did a double take when I saw gas below $2 a gallon, until Grandpa pointed out that the station was closed down.
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