Saturday, October 17, 2009

Beautiful Michigan: Going "Up North"

I tell non-Michigan people that I live "100 miles north of flyoverland" and thats in Grand Rapids. This weekend, however, we're going on a trip. We're heading "Up North" and by that, we mean 200 miles north of Grand Rapids in the lower peninsula, and then maybe up to the top of the upper peninsula, as well. Our hotel is in St. Ignace, which is the first town over the bridge. But these pictures are taken in northern lower Michigan--about 300 miles north of flyoverland. This weekend we are going on a "color tour" (visiting pretty areas to see the colorful autumn foliage--in Michigan, the trick is to get your color tour taken late enough in October that the leaves have turned, but are still on the trees, but before snow flies). The above picture was taken at one of those scenic drive-offs on US 131 near Boyne City. The place is called "Dead Man's Hill."
Here I am with that baby of ours who is a blessing in so many ways that fills my heart with gratitude. I forgot to mention that before we left on our color tour, we had our 12 month appointment with our social worker, which should complete our required adoption paperwork with China.
And lastly, here are Suzanne and Frances, with the City of Petoskey in the background. Suzanne was born in Petoskey, which I think is kind of cool. Petoskey is what we trolls (those who live south of the Mackinac Bridge) call "way up North" because it is at the northern tip of the lower peninsula, which is above the 45th parallel. Petoskey has a unique personality, and it also has a bit of an exotic reputation because Madonna, Tom Seleck and Tim Allen all have summer homes in Petoskey. Petoskey gets respect because its winters are extreme, even by west Michigan standards. Petoskey also gets respect, because its popular and its resorty and rather expensive. Anyway, in this picture, you can also see the steeple of the church where Suzanne was baptized, and where her parents were married, in the background behind her.
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