Saturday, December 26, 2009


Poppy brought Frances an old sled from the 1930s, that they used to push me around in when I was her size. We brought Frances over to see the neighbors by the cottage. She didn't take to the whole sled experience at first, but it grew on her.

Here she is with her friend Jaden, and with Suzanne, on their way back to the cottage after spending the afternoon with our neighbors.
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Christmas, 2009, part two....

As Christmas day progressed, Frances got tired of opening presents and decided she would rather play with what she'd already opened. Then Suzanne's parents and brother Abe all materialized, and with them came a renewed interest in the stuff under the tree.

Poppy's blood sugar doesn't react well to the rum and coke, especially when he doesn't drink diet.
She's really getting into her rocking horse.
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Christmas Morning, 2009

On Christmas morning, Frances got up and insisted on putting on a pretty dress because Grandma and Grandpa were coming. We didn't go to quite the same effort. Then we attacked the Christmas tree.

I think all she had for breakfast that morning was pistachios and Crunch n Munch from Poppy's stocking. She loves nuts, and anything salty.
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More of Christmas Eve, 2009

After we got out of the Christmas Eve mass, we slowly drove down to the cottage on Gun Lake, where we will be for the next week. It was nice relaxing upstairs with the lit tree, watching the falling snow cover the frozen lake.

My father had a bit too much rum and coke, it looks like. ;)
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Christmas Eve, 2009

I remember, in life before children, LOVING going to Midnight Mass on Christmas Eve. I think I enjoyed it so much, in part, because there were no whining children, but there was excellent music, ambience and liturgy.
But those days are over. Frances needs her sleep, and we need Frances to get her sleep. This year, we went to the 4:00 service, which was also the Christmas pageant. Frances was pretty good during church.

My father materialized in Michigan this year, wanting his Christmas pudding. This is not his normal. I suspect that the prospect of seeing Frances for Christmas appealed to him more than not seeing snow in Lynchburg.
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Tuesday, December 8, 2009

Christmassy Photo Shoot

We got together with the Pine Lake cousins at Meijer Botannical Gardens for a Christmas Photo Shoot. As you can see above, organizing small children for photographs isn't always as easy as it looks.

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