Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Beautiful Michigan: Grand Haven, under ice...

Sometimes, you just need to get outdoors and DO SOMETHING. Since it was bright and sunny and a warm 20 degrees, I decided we should go to Grand Haven and Holland, and see the ice. And did we ever see ice.
Suzanne would not let me go very far out onto the pier. One of our favorite topics of conversations in Michigan is talking about fools who get killed when walking out on the piers when they're not supposed to. Suzanne, apparently, was not ready for widowhood.
How's that for ice? Look at that! Amazing! One of these days, I'm going to drive across Lake Michigan to Chicago. My father swears he did this in 1967 or 68. I feel like Helen Reddy's "Little Ruby Red Dress" everybody laughs... doesn't have a future, never made no past. Call it a midlife crisis. I'm going to be 35 in April. Middle Aged. Halfway to seventy. I feel like I'd better do something before I'm sitting in a wheelchair all day, drooling on an afghan and losing my dentures.
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