Tuesday, March 9, 2010

Spring Break 2010: Noo Yawk and Joisey, part six

On our last day in New Jersey we stayed local and just checked out some old haunts and hung with some old friends.
This was the house where we lived from 1987 until I went away to college. My father sold it when he moved to Virginia in 1997. It shocks me to think that I was last in that house 14 years ago, but there it is.
My mother's ashes are buried in the memorial garden of a church in Wayne, NJ and we stopped and saw the little placque on the wall of the church bearing her name. Again, time flies. She's eight years dead now. Thats one year longer than Jacob Marley, when Dickens said he was "dead as a doornail."
Then on our last evening in NJ, we met up with a bunch of High School friends at the TGI Fridays and swapped war stories. Above, Frances is with Christina, and below, with my ex-girlfriend Debbie.
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