Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Visit from the Wisconsin Cousins

I think I've finally gotten the knack for posting more than four photos at a time with picassa. Anyway. Last weekend we had a wonderful visit with Frances's Wisconsin cousins, Morgan and Logan.
Here is Frances at the new Orangeville Township playground near our cottage.
Here's a shot of everyone, just chillin and watching "The Aristocats."
This is Morgan, age five
Logan is 3 1/2, just one year older than Franny. We always watch Logan to see what Franny will be doing next year.
Franny and Auntie Char went fishing off the dock with a Snoopy fishing pole and stale hot dog buns, and look what they caught. I sort of feel sorry for the fish--the indignity of being caught by a 2 1/2 year old with a Snoopy fishing pole must be intense.

Logan enjoyed the ice cream cones.
Hanging out and watching the camp fire.
This is an excellent shot I took at the perfect moment in the play area at Woodland Mall.
Here is our annual Morgan and Uncle Dale pic. Going back for a few years now, Morgan has a collection of pictures of herself with Uncle Dale hanging on the wall in her bedroom. I should have taken off my sunglasses... but oh well.

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