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Christmas 2010: My Nyquil-fogged narration

Well, no blog would be complete without an accounting of our family's Christmas, so here goes. The weather this year was nothing special. It was cold, but not terribly cold. We had a "dusting" of snow, but it was nothing special.
I confess that photographs are limited because I take most of the photographs in this family (I also do most of the cooking). Suzanne's parents may very well have taken photographs, but they use those cardboard disposable cameras, so if they did in fact take pictures, the pictures will likely materialize sometime around Memorial Day, and will be in print form, needing to be scanned.
Anyway. By Christmas Eve, I knew I was in the grips of a rather nasty cold. But, stoic dutchman that I am, I vowed to carry on, regardless. Suzanne's family was going to come on Christmas Eve and spend the night. We got down to the cottage at some point on the 23rd. I spent the 24th preparing some basic foodstuffs. I made chili, chocolate chip cookies, and I bought cinnamon rolls in a can. I went back to Grand Rapids in the evening, in part, because we'd forgotten a bag of gifts. I also wanted to attend midnight mass, because I LOVE midnight mass. It is my favorite service of the liturgical year. I know lots of clergy who claim that Easter Sunday is the best service of the church year, but that's clergy for you. Because I couldn't bear to go to Grace Church which is still in the midst of a raging power struggle, I attended midnight mass at St. Andrews, on the north side of town, but I was with so many Grace Episcopal Church people, you'd hardly know the difference, except for the friendly, welcoming atmosphere at St. Andrews. And St. Andrews had incense at their Midnight Mass. I LOVE incense, and so I was quite happy, even though I couldn't really smell it.
Anyway, I got back down to Gun Lake well after midnight. By that time, Suzanne's parents had arrived, and were already sleeping in the guest room. I am also told Suzanne's brother Abe was with them, but for reasons which I am about to relay, you'll understand why I don't quite remember.
Anyway, shortly before I went to sleep, I took this picture of the Christmas Tree, surrounded by all the presents. I like a lot of lights on a Christmas Tree.
I finally got into bed around 3am. I had bought a bottle of Nyquil when I was in Grand Rapids, and as I tiptoed into the bedroom (Suzanne and Frances were both sound asleep) I opened the bottle in the dark, but dropped the measuring cup that comes on top. I didn't want to turn on the light and wake them up just to find the cap, so I took a swig from the bottle and crawled into bed.
I was dragged out of bed on Christmas morning. I had to talk Suzanne out of calling poison control because we ascertained that I'd chugged half the bottle of Nyquil (it just seemed like one mouthfull--I really didn't mean to drink that much) and anyway, it became clear that there's a very good reason they give you those little measuring cups that you're not even supposed to fill. But how was I to know that? Anyway. Poison control was not called. My memory of this day is, however, very spotty. I am told I put cinnamon rolls and then the chocolate chip cookies in the oven and put the chili (I had also made this the night before) in the crock pot and turned it on. The cinnamon rolls were fine, the cookies didn't turn out well.
I also suspect that I took these pictures of Frances opening her presents:

Her favorite present this year was bubble wrap. I bought her a whole roll of bubble wrap, and wrapped it up and put it under the tree. This was her favorite present. Shortly after this, I went back to bed. I vaguely remember eating chili downstairs while Suzanne's family was still here. Apparently I went back to bed, because I remember waking up in the evening and finding her family had gone back to Lansing.
Anyway, there were still some presents from Nei-Nei to open, so I took these videos of Frances opening gifts. You can hear me breathing through my mouth quite loudly, this is because I could not breathe through my nose. I hope it doesn't gross you out.
Here is Frances opening the first package from Nei-Nei.

And here we are, opening the big box from Nei-Nei.

And here are two short clips to show how Frances sings Christmas Carols. Here is
"Jingle Bells"

and here is "Santa Claus is Coming to Town:

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Alyson and Ford said...

Glad you survived through it all, a bad cold is no fun anytime of the year. Your Christmas tree was beautiful, and it's all about the children and family, so you scored there!
May 2011 be merry for you all!

Alyzabeth's Mommy
(glad to see a blogger return.... facebook fever seems to have lured away alot of my "bloggy" friends)