Monday, January 3, 2011

Christmas 2010, part 2: Poppy's Birthday

We had a second round of Christmas when Poppy and his friend Annette arrived at Gun Lake from Lynchburg, Virginia. It was a bit of a challenging visit. I am just getting over the hump with this awful cold I've had. Unfortunately, Frances caught my cold with a vengeance (104 temperature, trip to the ER) and just as she's beginning to feel human again, Poppy arrived and we're sorry to say she passed her germs on to him, and he was pretty miserable with the crud. Then, to make things even more interesting, the coffee maker died on Thursday night (and Annette really, really, really likes her coffee) so I went into town and bought her a replacement coffee maker, only to arrive home to find out that the fridge and freezer died. It was unseasonably warm at first, so all our perishables had to be moved to our neighbor's extra fridge and freezer.
When we opened presents on New Year's Eve (which was also Poppy's 69th birthday, though he wasn't feeling festive at all), he was as sick (if not worse than)I was at Christmas, and he spent most of his visit in bed, wrapped in, blankets, wearing a stocking hat, calling for hot teas and assorted antibiotics. There was also half a bottle of Nyquil left (I am done with it, I swear) which Poppy helped finish off. With the help of Dayquil, to counteract the Nyquil, he did emerge from his cocoon for an hour to open presents and eat a piece of birthday cake.
Luckily, just when our neighbors were starting to grumble about our coming and going at all hours to retrieve our groceries from their fridge, it got cold, and started snowing, so we could store food outdoors and let nature act as a refrigerant. We only got a bit of snow. Its been a very mild winter.
Poppy opening his Christmas and Birthday presents.
Frances was beginning to feel a bit better, but she was still very clingy. Somehow, Suzanne managed to avoid the crud that hit Frances, Poppy and me so mercilessly.
Poppy's gifts usually wind up in the safe deposit box. His gold business has been very busy this year, so he was in a generous mood.
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