Monday, February 7, 2011

SNOWPOCALYPSE and Frances's Third Birthday

Frances turned three today, and today we also experienced the "Blizzard of 2011" which is, at least in theory, the biggest snowstorm Michigan has had since 1978. I think that's a bit of a stretch. We got 16 inches of snow from Tuesday night into Wednesday. 16 inches of snow is a lot, its enough to be an inconvenience, but lets be serious. Its not exactly the end of the world. Suzanne and I were in New Jersey for the Blizzard of 1996, and that dumped darn near three feet of snow on us, but that was New Jersey. Suzanne remembered the grocery store being sold out of everything, and that they even closed the mall. Anyway, on Frances's third birthday, we were pretty much snowed in. Schools were all cancelled. Suzanne, however, had to go to work.
The above picture was the view from our front door at about 9:30 am. You can see traces of Suzanne's footprints, from where she left for work three hours eariler. I would like to point out that Suzanne's clinic did in fact close for the day because of the storm, but nobody called Suzanne and told her this, so she went in, riding the GRATA bus, like she would do any other day. She said it was a very productive day, nobody was around to bug her.
This picture was taken from our bedroom window. You can see two snow-covered cars. One is mine, the other is our neighbor's. Shortly after this, some good samaritan came and snow-blowed our cars out for us. I am not sure who did this, but I was certainly grateful, as we don't have a snow blower and I was not looking forward to shoveling.
I baked Frances a cake, and after it cooled, she watched me put frosting on it. We decorated it with M&Ms. Since the frosting was chocolate, I let her eat the brown M&M's, since they wouldn't add any color to the cake. I also let her lick the spoon from the can of frosting. (Yes, this cake was from a mix, and the frosting was from a can, you see the sort of ship I run here)

I tried to take pictures of Frances blowing out her candles, but well, I didn't take any because she didn't blow them out. I put three candles on the cake and lit them, and when I brought the cake to her, she ran away screaming "don't burn me, don't burn me!" So, I blew out the candles and served the cake.
I want to note that Frances's Uncle Abe surprised--no, shocked--me when he showed up at the house with his girlfriend Jenny at 4pm. Abe lives in Lansing, its 70 miles away. The entire state is buried in snow after a huge storm. The expressway was barely plowed, they said it was down to a single lane. But Abe and Jenny came to Grand Rapids anyway. I was so impressed that they came all the way to Grand Rapids with the roads in the condition they are in, that I felt the only respectable thing to do was to take them to dinner, so, big spender that I am, I took them to Russ's on 28th Street, because it wasn't far, and because it was open. Also, Abe shoveled the sidewalk. So I really couldn't not feed him.
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