Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Baby Jude's baptism in Lansing

Anthony, Suzanne's youngest brother, became a father in late January, when his son, Jude Anthony, was born. We went to Lansing to meet Baby Jude and attend the baptism at Suzanne's home parish--Resurrection Catholic Church on Michigan Avenue.

This is a priest, and he is reading from a book. I don't suppose I needed to tell you that. But when I don't label pictures, I feel like a slacker. So there you have it.
This is Baby Jude with his mother Angela.

Rita and Dean, otherwise known as the Cincinnati cousins, also materialized in Lansing for the event. Being a big four year old, Rita was allowed to carefully hold Baby Jude at the dinner after the baptism. Dean wasn't a happy camper--perhaps because he's no longer "Baby Dean" with the arrival of "Baby Jude"-- but I took the picture anyway, figuring it would be worth something for blackmail later on.
Franny got in the picture. She was very cute in her good outfit. There is a dress under that coat.

Franny was also able to sit very still and hold Baby Jude. Both children cooperated and nobody went to the hospital.
Suzanne hovered nearby to make sure nobody fell, as respectable mothers are expected to do.
Every now and then, I can snap a picture that turns out perfectly with no editing. This would be one such photograph.

Because it was warm (40 degrees, which is warm for Michigan in late March), Grandpa Gary suggested we go to the 4H Children's Gardens at MSU, so we did. Franny was not interested in the butterflies, she doesn't go for things that fly and land on her. But she enjoyed climbing on the toys in the outdoor gardens.

She even suffered the indignity of having her picture taken with Mom and Grandma.
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Monday, March 7, 2011

Frances, a reluctant naturalist

We decided to go and visit Meijer Gardens with Frances, hoping that she might enjoy seeing their famous butterfly exhibits. Frances was not as pleased by the idea as were her parents.
She wanted to stay home and watch movies, you see. Why would you want to se a bunch of bugs when you can watch the same Chip and Dale DVD three times in a row? But an educational outing is an educational outing, and her parents were getting a bit stir crazy, so Frances was dragged off to Meijer Gardens, against her will. I took the above photograph as she got herself worked up into a snit. It requires no caption.
We saw the butterflies. Frances sat in her stroller and pouted.
This big old fella is a blue something or other, but you only get to see the blue when he opens his wings. Apparently I didn't frighten him enough for him to try to scare me off.
Yup, you guessed it, another butterfly.
Frances had sort of gotten over her little snit as we were leaving, but this only because we promised to take her to Moe's for black beans and rice.
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