Tuesday, February 22, 2011

A visit from the Ohio cousins and other assorted relation

Franny's birthday was Feb 2, and her cousin Rita's was this past weekend. Because we were royally snowed in for her proper birthday, we had the Cincinnati cousins up to Gun Lake over the weekend and celebrated everyone's birthday.
Cheap plastic sunglasses are very cool, especially when you haven't seen the sun for a month or two.

Because we were sick over Christmas, we never used the "decorate your own gingerbread men" kit she got. We figured February was as good a time as any to decorate gingerbread men.

Uncle Abe and his friend Jenny also materialized for the celebration. Rita, Dean and Franny all really like Uncle Abe,

Grandpa Gary also materialized for the celebration. He was very thoughtful, and did all his eating out of a single dirty sauce pan, so that way I wouldn't have to do so many dishes. I have all that fiestaware that I collect, there's no point in putting it to use, you see. Let it sit there, clean. That's what dishes are for. The dishwasher is working just fine, but Grandpa Gary insisted on teaching his family the virtue of thrift. Yankee thrift and practicality, that's what I'm going to call it--"yankee thrift."
There were lots of presents passed around. Here is Frances with one of hers.
Rita is a big girl, she's four now. Franny, being three, is in awe of this fact.

All that snow we got on Frances's birthday melted during a fluke warm spell. Then it froze up again, and another snowstorm, ready to dump another foot on west Michigan, is raging as I type this. We figured we may as well go outdoors while we could. The lake looks kind of cool frozen solid, with no snow covering the ice.
Here is a nice pic of Abe, Jenny and Dean.
I like a good campfire, and I consider myself a bit of a pyro. But my brother-in-law has me beat, hands down. He got one big-ass roaring fire going. At one point, the flames were as tall as Suzanne.
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